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A Proud Tradition of Excellence in Flagpole Services

In the realm of flagpole companies, there are many to choose from, but when it comes to marrying dedication, tradition, and excellent service delivery, Old Glory Flagpole & Rescue shines as the brightest star in the stripes. As a second-generation, veteran-owned family business in Columbus, OH, we wave high the flags of experience, quality, and commitment in every flagpole installation and maintenance task we undertake.

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A Heritage Steeped in Patriotism and Love for Country

Our company was born from a deep love for our country and its emblem — the flag. We’re not just a flagpole company — we’re a family whose roots are steeped in the patriotic tradition of honoring the stars and stripes. Our mother, the beloved Flag Lady, lit the spark of this business, and her fiery passion for the flag continues to guide us. It's more than just a service to us — it's a legacy we’re honored to uphold.

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The Legacy of the Flag Lady

At the heart of Old Glory Flagpole & Rescue is a figure who embodies our spirit, values, and dedication to the flag — The Flag Lady, Mary Leavitt. Our mother, an icon of patriotism, was the original flag waver whose love for the stars and stripes sparked the creation of this company. Her son, Andy, has been an integral part of carrying forward her legacy of excellence in the flagpole industry.

Known for her enduring commitment to quality service and deep love for her country, The Flag Lady's influence is imprinted on every flagpole installation and maintenance service we undertake. Her legacy inspires us to keep every flag waver happy and proud — an ethos that has, and will always guide, Old Glory Flagpole & Rescue.

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Decades of Flagpole Expertise

With over 40 years in the flagpole industry, the Old Glory Flagpole team possesses an unparalleled wealth of experience. Our history isn't just measured in years but in countless successful flagpole installations, dedicated maintenance routines, and happy customers whose flags wave proudly to this day. Our founder, Andy Leavitt, transformed a modest flagpole installation venture into a leader in the industry, and that expertise continues to define us.

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Veteran-Owned And Operated

As a veteran-owned company, we not only understand the significance of a well-maintained flagpole but also the importance of the flag that soars atop it. Our sense of duty extends from our military service to our flagpole services. When you choose Old Glory Flagpole & Rescue, you’re not just getting a flagpole installation, you’re partnering with a team in Columbus, OH, that genuinely cares about the respect and dignity your flag deserves.

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Unwavering Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At Old Glory Flagpole & Rescue, we have one steadfast belief — making every flag waver happy and proud. This belief, inherited from our mother, propels us to deliver exceptional flagpole maintenance and installation services that exceed your expectations.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction has driven us to offer comprehensive services — from installation, restoration, and lighting to consulting and beyond. Your flagpole's glory is our duty, and your satisfaction is our pride.

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With Old Glory Flagpole & Rescue, you're choosing more than a service - you're becoming part of a patriotic tradition upheld by a family that lives and breathes the love for our country and its flag. Join us as we continue to wave the spirit of America high on our flagpole installations in the Columbus area.

Ready for a flagpole experience unlike any other? Get in touch with the Old Glory Flagpole company today. Your flag deserves nothing less than the care, dedication, and expertise that we provide. Experience the Old Glory difference - Happy Waving!

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